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At we take pride in giving you the best possible bike purchasing experience, whether that be in our store, over the phone or online.

One area that sets us apart from our competitors is the effort we go to in order to ensure your bike reaches you in a safe and secure condition with only minor assembly before you can hit the road or the trail.

How our bikes are packaged & assembled

When your bike arrives at it is still along way from being ready to ride. The bikes arrive flat packed for ease of transport from the factory.

It can sometimes be hard to see where the packaging ends and the bike begins!

BEWARE! Many online retailers will simply ship the bike to you in this flat packed state requiring you to fully assemble the bike at home. This is time consuming and challenging, especially if you don’t have the specialist tools and skills to do the job.

Comprehensive assembly is a STANDARD SERVICE on all bikes purchased at

For your convenience, comfort and safety ALL bikes purchased via our mail order service or through the website are fully assembled and tested by one of our Cytech qualified mechanics prior to being dispatched.

During the assembly process the forks, wheels, seat-post and components are fitted. Gears and brakes are adjusted (disc brakes bled if necessary), wheels are trued, tyres pumped up and all nuts and bolts tightened.

In order to safely package and ship the bike to you we then turn the handlebars 90 degrees and remove the pedals (when supplied) from the bike.

How our bikes are packaged & assembled

When the bike is delivered all you need to do is to turn the handlebars around and attach the pedals. Full instructions, a multi-tool and 15mm pedal spanner are included free of charge. Follow the simple instructions carefully and your bike will be ready to ride within minutes of landing on your doorstep.

Please note that not all bikes come with pedals, this is usually on higher end bike models as there are a number of different pedal options that individuals may prefer. We make this clear in the description of the bike model.

Any extras originally supplied with the bike (saddle bags, water bottle cages) are safely packaged in a seperate box in the main oversized box to prevent damage.

International bike orders

Due to size restrictions on international shipping, international bike orders will be shipped in a partly assembled state. Bikes are still built and tested prior to being packaged ready for shipment.

This will require a number of tools and expertise to fully assemble.

If you require any assistance or guidance on the re-assembly of your bicycle please contact us..

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